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ARTISTS / Orivit,

German 1894-1905
Orivit was a line of pewter produced in the German form of art nouveau referred to as "jugendstil" by the firm of Walter Sherf of Cologne in the early 20th century. ORIVIT AG. was founded in 1894 as "Rheinische Broncegieserei fur Kleinplastiken" in Köln-Ehrenfeld (Germany) by Wilhelm Ferdinand Hubert Schmitz (1863-1939).

From 1896, they began the production of luxury items with the [so called] ORIVIT metal: 89.85% pewter; 7.9% antimony; 1.9% copper and 0.12% silver. ORIVIT metal was a richer and brighter pewter, that if well polished, would look like silver with the advantage of costing less to produce and also a reduced oxidation of the metal compared to silver or silverplated items.

In 1901-02, ORIVIT built a new factory in Koln-Braunfels and began to use the new revolutionary press "the Huber-Presverfahren."

Over the years, the Company had won several prizes: in Paris the gold medal at the world exhibition of 1900, in Dusseldorf the "1902 Industrial Design Exhibition" and at the 1904 world exhibition in St. Louis, MO, they won 2 Grand Prix prizes and 1 gold medal.

Nevertheless, in 1905 the Company was in total financial disarray and the WMF "Wurttembergische Metalwaren Fabrik," another famous German metalware company, bought ORIVIT.

In 1906, ORIVIT AG aquired another German metalware company, ORION, and more than 50 Orion designs–many from Friedrich Adler, were to be used by ORIVIT. WMF produced items with the name ORIVIT until 1914.

The designers of ORIVIT were:
Theo Blum
Georges Charles Couldray
Hermann Gradl(1883-1964)
Georg Grasegger
Johann Cristian Kroner (1838-1911)
Walter Scherf (1875-1909)
Victor Heinrich Seifert

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